Mar 28, 2010

Martial Arts Book Review: Krav Maga by David Kahn

Author of numerous books on martial arts and fighting, I am always looking for books to add an exceptional quality of my library. If I have a book in the library, it is certainly worth owning. A book is like David Kahn, "Krav Maga".

After a brief introduction, David gives a good basic overview of Krav Maga including some of its history. From here you go right into a section on the philosophy that is very good, and one in which I agreeapproximately 90% of what he has to say.

The next chapter of the book provides a good overview of the proper attitude are needed to prepare for the fight. Something that does not make a lot of books, but not this. David also gives you a basic understanding of the essential / critical points of the human body.

David next section is rather short for my taste, but still a good overview of the basics involved in striking correctly for maximum effect. In this section, theseAffects how, stamps, palm, elbow, eye and furrows. There is also a small section on blocks and blocks, as shown in the boxes.

The following section illustrates the various lower body strikes and kicks along with the defense of calcium, deviations, blocks and grabs. The next section was particularly interesting because it discussed the techniques of close combat, and important for this section. Falls, since creeping, Won, Takedowns, defense againstHoists, etc.

The section of flight was very enlightening as David reaches the fundamental principles of flight from basic research, stifles standing, lying chokes, head locks, hair grabs and bear hugs.

Like most books that try to cover too much credit in a band, I do, that the sections themselves although very well done, they tend to be short on the proper execution of each technique. However, they said that this is probably the scope of this bookunderstood as a basic overview of the entire system, not a single volume devoted to a particular technology.

The errors I alone with this book, the fact that I actually have photos of the demonstration of the technique, but preferably as illustrations. I heard that many have to declare that what David was trying, with the use of images than when he actually lost the photos used.

The book is made with a short section on basic strategies that Ipointed out that very solid. Then concludes with a section of basic training, stretching, includes training programs, a 12-week training routine, and sparring.

Overall, this is a very good basic overview of the art of Krav Maga, and what you want to win, especially if you decide to connect a class of Krav Maga. And that's not a bad idea.

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