Mar 27, 2010

Why Do Black Belt Martial Artists Get Beat Up from Street Fighters?

If you want to learn to defend themselves, be part of a karate school, is not it? After all, who has high status black belt and a set of shiny trophies proudly displayed in her window to teach you is how one of the worst situations ever survive a human being ... Right?

I think you and I are both old enough and experienced enough in the world now know that appearances are often deceptive. What seems to be, it is oftensomething quite different. And learning self-defense from a karate expert, at least one modern, is no exception.

How can I say? What should I karate students, teachers and black belts?

I begin by saying that I have absolutely nothing against students and teachers dedicated to the martial arts - regardless of the degree and style. In fact, I commend them and gain respect for their commitment, motivation and discipline, both in degree of skill andtheir chosen format.

Why, I wonder, their ability to defend itself, even in terms of scope, with black belt and was awarded trophies in one or more tournaments or competitions? One word ...


Crime reports and statistics are widely used with reports of people trained in martial arts, many more junior black belt, the victim of brutal attacks of racketeering Common Street - fighters, no training in the martial orother martial arts.

How can it be? After all, these people are not learning to deal with a violent attack? It is not that what one learns in a course in karate?

To be honest, it is very difficult on all the reasons that this logic is going through. If you really understand how and why this type of situation happens more often than you think you really need to read the book, "The Karate-Myth: Why Most Martial Arts and Self-DefenseThe programs are wrong. "This book is a powerful, and supporting materials, should be the first thing to learn to protect themselves in serious reading before taking a single step on the path of action as a class.

For now, we want to explore only the possibility that maybe, just maybe, there is no longer able to defend himself to learn some cool moves. Maybe, just maybe, the belt color or size or the number of trophies, they tell us little or nothing about how someonefair in a real world self-defense against an angry or demonic attackers bent over you as a plaque or trophy. Maybe.

Let me just say that, as are dozens of reasons why someone might take to complete karate or martial arts, there are dozens of benefits that can result from them. But, and this is a big "but" when your goal is to learn to defend themselves effectively, efficiently and safely in aReal-life bad guy, will be blocked more than a piece of cloth that is how long you have a series of punches, kicks, has been practiced, E. It's more of a big shiny trophy, or take two, unless, of course, you plan on using the trophies as weapons (me ...).

In reality, many of the same things that the bully, to bring the situation to him - the things I taught severely lacking in most traditional karate programs that I have experienced overNorth America. If you're going to win against an aggressor that has nothing to lose and everything to gain, you should make sure that you are poor, with the same tools you have in your arsenal. And speaking of guns, knives or other weapons of the kind I'm talking about ...

A commitment to win - no matter what

Survival Instinct

Superior Attitude

A complete disregard for "doing well", and ...

I do not think about Delusionalso-called "Fair Play"

Until karate students can divide the features developed for sportsmanship and a positive member of society is necessary for survival in a dangerous and potentially life threatening, I fear that the result is always the same. And this is ...

... survived this struggle is to win - for - always attract those who simply go through the movements.


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