May 9, 2007

JEET KUNE DO - The Definition of the Jeet Kune Do Symbol

Instead of opposing force by force, a JKD practitioner completes his opponent's movement by 'accepting' his flow of energy as he aims it, and defeats him by 'borrowing' his own force. In order to reconcile oneself to the changing movements of the opponent, a JKD practitioner should first of all understand the true meaning of Yin/Yang, the basic structure of JKD.

Yin Yang
The importance of the Yin Yang is to show that opposites occur in nature. In essence, they must occur, for without light how would we know what darkness is? These opposites are in constant interplay; meaning nothing is truly an independent entity.

The Arrows
The arrows emphasize that here is dynamic interplay between the opposites. Nature and we are constantly changing. We go from action to rest, or from pliable to firm, from being awake to being asleep.

The Writing
The Characters say ' Using no way as way, having no limitation as limitation'.


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