May 8, 2007

Muay Thai - Kicking techniques

Muay Thai has many different kicking techniques. Kicking must be practised meticulously and is not simply a matter of kicking the bags. Power comes from the buttocks and the hips move forward. Raise yourself up on your toes, let the power go with the leg and remember to follow through, like swinging a baseball bat. Don’t jump off the ground when you kick.

The Roundhouse Kick
This basic Muay Thai kick uses the shin not the foot as the weapon. The leg is swung against the target, while the hips and trunk are simultaneously twisted in the same direction as the swing. The roundhouse kick has three areas of target: the low kick, which aims for the side of the thigh, calf or behind the knee, the mid kick which aims for the ribs and the high kick which aims for the chin, temple or neck.

Low Kicks
If your opponent aims a high kick towards your neck then kick low. You can knock them down as the technique is faster. If you receive low kick from your opponent it could be an opportunity for a back elbow. Low kicks can used at any time. Swing the leg (it is not the same as kicking a football), imagine you are sweeping the floor with your leg.

The Teep/Push Kick
The teep is a push kick that can be used for both defense and attack. It is similar to the jab for keeping an opponent at bay and is good for knocking their balance. In general a foot thrust is quickly followed by some other form of attack. Use the front leg as it is quicker to deploy. Place your toes in your opponent's sternum, or if you kick their leg use the heel. If you kick their face use the heel- but their will not be so many opportunities to do this. You cannot easily knock out an opponent with this technique, but it can be used to put off your opponent's attack. If they are trying to kick it may be possible to push them over while they are swinging their leg.


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