May 12, 2007

Krabi Krabong

Krabi Krabong is Thai weapon Martial Art in Krabi Krabong have many The weapons techniques include training in these weapons

Many people wonder...Why so many weapons??
Well the answer is clear...In a fight, especially when you have more that one opponent, different "ranges" are used, also from different places.The King fights from the back of the Elephant. The high ranks they fight from the back of horses and the normal soldiers they fight on foot.This explains why the weapons are different.

Basic weapons and their application.

Is very similar to a sable. It is used to stab, is thin and sharp ,metallic and is a ground weapon;Normally used by high rank soldiers.

Is a wooden bar,made normally from Bamboo, It is 6 feet long. It is very easy to make one and very effective because of it's long range. Is normally a ground weapon and the people that used it are farmers that became soldiers.

This is the more popular weapon in the history of Siam. Sometimes the warrior held two swords (One on each hand), this is call "Daab Song Muun" They can be used to stab or slash the opponent. Normally a ground weapon and is a little more curved and heavier than a "Krabi".

This weapon is to be used on Elephant-back or horse-back. Normally the King would use this weapon. There is an extensive variety of different spears. When the King was going to Battle on the sides of the Elephant he had different kinds of spears. The end of some look like a knife, others looks like a fork, and some like a sword.
Some are for slicing, some to trap the opponents weapon, and some for stabbing etc. The spears consist of a strong and long wood pole and with a sharp metal end. The form changes1 depending of what kind of spear you are talking about.

5.Mae Sun Sowks.
Is a ground level weapon ,made of hard wood or bone. They come in pairs, each one you wear iton the out side part of your forearm. The weapon is used to attack as well asto block .Because it is a close range weapon you can use it very well in close combat.

6.LOH(Round Shield).
This weapon normally is used to block but you can strike with the edges as well. It is big and round, and is made of metal or skin.

7.DUNG.(Long Shield)
This weapon is a different kind of shield, it is long and thing. It covers from the shoulder until your knee and is made of skin or metal and is "HEAVY"!!!

8.Kaen.(Medium Shield).
This shield is rectangular like DUNG, but is not very long. It adjust well on your forearm. Made from the same materials as the other shields.

Note:When we say that one weapon is to be used on the ground or on the horse and that only certain people use certain weapon,I mean... normally!! but in fact any person can used any weapon in any place.It's not any rule that says that you can or cannot. In a matter of fact the warriors were all well trained in each weapon not just in one.


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