May 8, 2007

Muay Chaiya - GrandMaster Ketr Sriyapai

GrandMaster Ketr was born on Novermber 9, 1902 in the southern province of Chumporn. Having started early training since 8 yrs. old, GrandMaster Ketr had a total of 12 boxing teachers:

• His Father - Phra Ya Wajee Satayarak – Provincial Ruler of Chaiya
• His Uncle – Kru Klad Sriyapai
• Muen Muay Mee Chue (his father’s student known for his victories in hemp-bound fist muay thai tournaments)
• Kru Klaub Intarat
• Kru Song
• Kru In Sakech
• Kru Duth
• Kru Sook
• Kru Wun
• M.J. Wibulsawasdi (of royal blood)
• Ajarn Kimseng Taweesith
• Ajarn Luang

GrandMaster served as the Lumpini Boxing Stadium Manager for many years and contributed regularly to Muay Thai Parithat column – educating the public about Muay Kad Chuak (hemp-bound fist Muay Thai). Unfortunately through time, these articles are lost, if not destroyed. Now have remake to Book. GrandMaster Ketr passed away due to heart failure on 13th November 1978 at the age of 76.


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